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We are the partner of choice for your Digital Transformation Journey!

We at Kstrata believe in simplifying the complexities in the technology realm. Digital Transformation should not change the reason your business exists.

We believe every step of the transformation journey needs to be planned holistically in service of your company’s long term goals.

Our Team of passionate and experienced techies know how to Strategize, Design &Engineer technologies to maximize and future-proof your investments.

Our Services

We are a full-service IT software solutions provider. We facilitate operational reliability and disruptive transformation by combining world-class cloud, digital and automation expertise.

Enterprise Applications

We can assist in your digital transformation journey by putting forward a holistic game plan that will focus on mitigating risk, increasing efficiency and establishing an IT driven value chain.We can identify the limitations in your legacy systems and determine the need for any new software.

Bespoke Solutions

When off-the-shelf solutions are too generic for your business needs and are not aligning with your IT goals, we can custom build a solution to match your precise requirements and specifications.Bespoke Software gives you complete control over your transformation journey.

Mobile Technologies

A mobile centric strategy can be used to completely transform the way you interact with customers, employees and business partners. We can power your business into the future with the right investments in mobile technologies that foster efficiency, enablement and collaboration in real time.


E-Commerce is more than just a website. A range of assets have to come together in order to successfully build a digital version of your business. We follow a ‘Business First’ approach to better understand the nuances and uniqueness of your business and we strive to reflect the same in our solutions.

How we work

We believe every client is unique and every business has its own nuances. We approach every client relationship as a potential long term partnership which allows us to invest ourselves into your overall journey to success.

Trust & Loyalty are the cornerstones of Kstrata and we constantly work towards developing a culture of mutual trust and complete transparency in our partnerships.

With expertise in Product Engineering, Enterprise Software, System Integration and Managed Services, Kstrata can help unlock the full potential of your business.

Our unparalleled experience helps us to deliver value by utilizing a comprehensive and holistic approach to analyse and adjust operations across all categories of your IT strategy.

Define Your Need
Share your vision with us and let us work together in defining your IT strategy.
Select Your Team
You can pick your team either from our existing pool of resources or we can custom hire a team for you.
Your selected team will get to work with the implementation, staying in constant contact with you throughout the process with daily stand-up’s and status updates.
We can test the application for your or work with your users to define the testing requirements.
Whether it’s a single project or implementing your long term IT strategy, we want to be with you every step of the way.

Our Solutions


Product Engineering

Our product engineering service capabilities encompass the end-to-end process of software product development. We provide our clients flexible, reliable, and high-quality product development and transformation services that address their business needs.

UI/UX Designs

Great Branding helps Consumer Platforms move upmarket. We offer comprehensive UI/UX services that include branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, user experience consulting, and promotional designs using the latest tools and technologies.

Staff Augmentation

Whether you are in need of a single resource or a team of qualified resources dedicated to your organization, Kstrata can enable you to find qualified and experienced people who can seamlessly work as your own team.


About Us

For over 12 Years, Kstrata has worked in partnership with clients of all sizes from around the globe and helped them achieve their Digital Transformation goals .

Our proven track record of success was built on a foundation of trust and loyalty. The spirit of our company culture mirrors how we treat our customers and employees.

We exist to change our client’s business for the better and we take pride in approaching each client as a one of a kind relationship. By learning about your particular needs and strategy we can design and implement systems to suit your exact requirements.


Let's work together

We are excited to provide our expertise to help you turn your idea into a reality!